About Us

Choosing an engagement ring is hard.

The choices are endless, and each one has the potential to be a source of stress now or regret later.

People are (sensibly) afraid of getting ripped off, or making a mistake, or committing to a choice now that will seem silly in 5 years’ time.

Part of the reason is that the rivers of information paralyze you.

You may hardly know where to begin.

So it’s common for people shopping for an engagement ring for the first time to fear being ripped off. Fear making a mistake. Fear making a choice now that they’ll regret later.

What We Do

We can work with you 1-on-1 to help you select the perfect engagement ring.

We publish educational articles, guides, and checklists that enable you to get up to speed on all the choices in diamond engagement ring selection.

Then we help you work systematically toward a perfect decision for you and your beloved.

Start with us, and when you finish shopping, you’re going to love the ring you see on your beloved’s hand.

It’ll be exactly what you both wanted and within your budget. It’ll be chosen with the benefit of expert knowledge, and purchased from a rock-solid merchant with a stellar reputation. You’ll feel good about the ring and secure in knowing it’s backed by a strong, reputable merchant.

Why You Can Trust Us

We have a passion for educating first-time shoppers for engagement rings.

You will discover exactly what you both want, find a way to afford that even if you think you can’t, avoid getting ripped off, and buy from a merchant you can trust for the rest of your life.

Our ethic is this:

“We publish only what we’d send our own friends and families to read, when they’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring..”

And in fact we are confident and sincere enough that we do send them here.

The Merchant We Link To

We also educate you about diamond engagement ring merchants.

We steer you via our links only toward verifiably best-reputation diamond engagement ring merchants.

Also, we continuously monitor their reputations at BBB.org, TrustPilot.com, and other sites.

You can feel safe with the merchants we link you to.

So, you’re in good hands from beginning to end — from the beginning of your engagement ring journey with us, right through to the purchase with a reputable, dependable merchant.

Like the merchants we link to, we’re here for you even after your purchase. Feel free to contact us at any time.

How We Make Our Money and Sustain Our Mission and Purpose

Every site, every business needs to make a profit in order to be sustainable.

We make our money by earning small commissions on any sale resulting from our links out to merchants.

As you probably know, affiliate marketing is the most common business model on the Internet. (And it may be the most common business model in the world at this point in the Internet’s maturity.)

It benefits you because we’re incentivized to serve you better than any other source of information for first-time shoppers for diamond engagement rings..

It benefits merchants because they can do business with informed, motivated customers.

And it benefits us, as it makes our mission and purpose sustainable.